Try our easy to use mortgage calculator to determine what you can afford, and estimate what your expected payments may be.

Mortgage Payment Calculator

The mortgage balance/the amount borrowed.
Principal amount must be between [min] and [max]
Type of mortgage is: variable whereby the interest rate may fluctuate from time to time thoughout the term of the mortgage according to changes in the Manulife Bank Prime Rate or fixed whereby the interest rate is predetermined and does not change throughout the term of the mortgage. Term is the length of the mortgage agreement.
A percentage of the amount borrowed which is paid by the borrower to the lender.
Interest rate must be between [min] and [max]
How often you make your regular mortgage payments.
The number of years it would take to pay off your entire mortgage at the chosen payment amount.
Amortization must be between [min] and [max] years.
Payment Frequency Payment Amount
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Accelerated bi-weekly 0
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Your payment would be:
Your Mortgage Balance Over Time
See amortization table

Prepayment Charge Calculator

Manulife Bank mortgages allow you to annually prepay up to 20% of your mortgage without a charge. You also have the option to make a higher prepayment including paying off your mortgage in full with a prepayment charge. Use the prepayment charge calculator to help determine if a prepayment charge would apply and estimate the prepayment charge amount.